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We're Taking It To Dory's Home State... New Jersey!

Julia Greenberg & Dianna Dilworth

We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be premiering in New Jersey at Montclair Film’s Summer Showcase as part of the North to Shore Festival. Come see the film in Montclair at The Clairidge, Saturday June 29th at 3pm.


Known as the Shirley Temple of Woodbridge, Dory began her storied showbiz career at NJ  state fairs  and pageants from Perth Amboy to Atlantic City. Some of her darkest songs reflect on her troubled times in her family home, including the haunting and always controversial  Daddy in the Attic.


One of Dory’s most powerful memories was listening to the reporter crying on the big brown radio as the Hindenburg crashed in a town just an hour south, after her father had promised her “a ride on that big balloon.” She retells it hauntingly and hilariously in The Air Crash in  New Jersey from her brilliant song cycle Taps, Tremors, and Time Steps


Get your tickets today and come say hello at the Q&A!


Julia and Dianna

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