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About the Film

On My Way to Where

Writing and singing the unvarnished truth about one’s buried secret life experiences is more common today than when Dory Previn wrote brilliant, disturbing, and darkly funny songs in the 1970s. 

Previn began as an Academy Award nominated lyricist for Hollywood musicals with songs for Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland & Dionne Warwick before a tabloid scandal and public breakdown led to her re-emergence as a cult artist in the Laurel Canyon scene. The film taps archives for a story in Previn’s voice. J. Smith-Cameron (SUCCESSION) reads the voices in Dory’s head from her journals. 

“If you’ve never heard of Dory Previn, prepare to be ashamed of yourself." Rex Reed

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“Previn's experience with hearing voices was fundamental to the music she wrote. The voices, she contends, were often collaborators. Her documentarians use archival footage, her books, journals, and music to let Previn speak for herself. And she has plenty of wisdom to share.”
-Psychology Today

What the critics are saying

“The phrase, ‘I am cringe but I am free’ might as well have been coined about the music of Dory Previn. This is not an insult; indeed, it is a compliment of a very high and specific order…This is powerful stuff. The music remains, ripe for rediscovery and continued interpretation.”

The Austin Chronicle


“Previn wasn’t one to necessarily hide her intentions, as co-directors Dianna Dilworth and Julia Greenberg beautifully convey in their radiant doc about the studio songsmith-turned-singer/songwriter. Her songs were used in group therapy sessions when she had detailed her own struggles with mental illness and the filmmakers are able to lean on her voice throughout the film to tell her story with incredible clarity in her work, often letting historical context seamlessly give way to her lyrics. ”

A Moveable Fest


“Exquisitely framed and presented in a wonderfully absorbing portrait that seeks to capture the artist's singular artistic sensibility. ... Made me intensely curious about Dory Previn's gentle musical artistry and her sharp insights.”

Screen Anarchy


“Dory Previn: On My Way to Where is a documentary that refuses to be forgotten. It's not loud or bombastic, but it is inviting and confident. The filmmakers are aware of what they have available, and they've found a great way to share it with the world. ”

Disappointment Media


“If you’ve never heard of Previn you’ll find her songs speak honestly about the nuances of life with a bittersweet tinge of self recognition. If you have heard of Previn chances are the doc touches on some of your favorite songs, such as ‘The Lady With the Braid.’ …‘Would you care to stay till sunrise?, It’s completely your decision …”


The Filmmakers

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Julia Greenberg,

Julia Greenberg co-wrote the hit off-Broadway rock opera PEOPLE ARE WRONG! with Robin Goldwasser, as well as the music for the off-Broadway play CAVEDWELLER with Stephen Trask. She has released two albums of original music: Past Your Eyes and Greenland, both produced by James Mastro. Her music has been featured on THIS AMERICAN LIFE, OXYGEN NETWORK, and ESPN, and Ronnie Spector recorded one of her songs.

Julia interprets the music, and is curating the archives of, the late great Dory Previn, driven to share the magic of this under-known genius with the world.


In addition to musical pursuits, Julia is a health justice advocate, fighting against pharma greed and for health equity for all.

Dianna Dilworth,

Dianna Dilworth directed/produced two feature-length documentaries, Mellodrama: The Mellotron Movie (Bazillion Points, 2010) and We Are the Children (Indiepix, 2007) – both of which have been shown in theaters globally.

She has produced videos for HarperCollins Publishers, SVA Group (global landscape architecture firm), Al Gore’s Current TV, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Haymarket Media’s Direct Marketing News and Telemundo.

She made music videos for The Social Registry Records and Exergy Music and her short film “Time Travel Enterprises” was shown at the infamous Terminal 5 Art show at the Eero Saarinen–designed TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport in Queens in October 2004.

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Amy Hobby,

Amy Hobby is an Academy Award and Independent Spirit Award-Nominated, Emmy and Peabody Award-Winning producer.

Her documentary features include WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? (Netflix, directed by Liz Garbus), AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE (Criterion Collection, directed by Steven Soderbergh), LOVE, MARILYN (HBO, directed by Liz Garbus), SHEPARD & DARK (Cannes Film Festival) and THE LAST LAUGH (featuring Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman) for ITVS.

Her scripted features include SECRETARY (Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader), HAMLET (Ethan Hawke, Bill Murray), LUCKY THEM (Toni Collette, Johnny Depp), PAINT IT BLACK (Janet McTeer, Alia Shawcat), and NADJA (Executive Producer David Lynch),  among many others.

Her films have played and/or won awards at Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto Film Festivals. Hobby was the Executive Director of the Tribeca Film Institute from 2016-2020, where she led a team identifying, engaging and supporting hundreds of global filmmakers each year.

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Emily Hubley,

Emily Hubley has been making animated shorts for almost four decades. Her hand-drawn films explore personal memory and the turbulence of emotional life. 

Her feature, The Toe Tactic premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC in 2009. Recent projects include shorts, Faithy, hey (2019) and Brainworm Billy (2018) and Look Where You’re Going! (2020), a 100’ digital mural displayed on Broadway in Manhattan. She has contributed animation to the films, Vessel, Danny Says,  Blue Vinyl and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, among others.

Ms. Hubley is currently developing a multi-screen installation project about her mother, filmmaker Faith Hubley, which includes six 45-minute loops combining 8400 self-portraits with varied sketches  and captions from Faith’s journals with stills and clips from her animated films.

Emily Hubley received a 2022 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

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Jen Mackie,

Jen Mackie is an award-winning editor working across documentary and narrative.

Her documentary features include EAT THE RICH (Netflix, directed by Theo Love) as well as multiple award-winning short docs such as MISINFONATION and HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION.

Her narrative editing work has screened at Hollyshorts & Portland Film Festival, received numerous features online including Short of The Week and multiple Vimeo Staff Picks, and picked up awards including a Leo Award for best short film editing

Her animation editing includes a Bafta winning TV series for Sky Kids for which she developed, edited, and Assistant Directed.

The Full Cast and Crew Can Be Viewed Here
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